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  Invest in Zehraan  
Zehraan is introducing worthwhile investment scheme for all the sections of community. Here there is no question of interest on any invested amount; it will be on pure profit and loss method, for every individual it is very much important to understand that in Islam to take or give an interest is illegitimate (Haram), and it is one of the biggest sin - therefore this investment option will make you believe with confirmation that there is no any short of interest will come under in your deal.

 Investment and Profit-

The amount will be invested by individual will be under construction projects, and guaranteed 70% of profit will be returned with invested amount as per the price going on at the withdrawal time period. 
  Duration of investment-  

It will be a one time investment and maturity period will be of 1 to 2 years, as per the preparation on the site.  After completion of work, it is suggested to investor to wait for sometime so he/she can obtain good amount of profit on invested price.

  Minimum Investment-  
  Any individual can take part in this scheme and the minimum person has to invest of Rs. 200000 /-  
Any construction will be under N.A. and NOC title and all certificates will be provided to investor, where individual would be having duplicate hard copy of all the proofs.
For clarification this certificate will be on Zehraan’s name, however the mentioned profit will be shared at the maturity period with investor.
  Withdrawal condition-  
The investor either withdraw the amount after maturity of duration or withdraw in between without being charged a single penny, but only the  invested price will be returned. For example – Investment date – 1/1/2011 and Maturity date – 1/1/2012, if investor withdraws the amount on 31/6/2011, then he will be returned his invested price but profit on the investment amount will not be shared.
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