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  About Us  
Zehraan erecters is established by Mr. Zahid Khan who is proprietor of the company and carry more than 30 employees in today’s date, the aim of our company is to deliver pure customer satisfaction and service at any level, and this attitude has brought us success with Almighty’s wishes.
Zehraan erecters do innovative architecture and urban design office working domestically. Architects are highly-honored for quality because of their excellence in vocation. Zehraan Architects has realized architectural works nationally, with extensive experience in the arts (including gallery, and exhibition design, hotel’s interior designing), campus and commercial, and residential work. Other projects include retail design, office design, and master planning.
  As per the client’s requirement we provide the service to customer, following are-  
1) Supervision work – Any customer wants to get build structure with guideline and direction but want to use his own material and labour, then alone supervision fee only we charges.
2) All together – Zehraan can contribute best result by giving  all together services to the client by using our own labour, material and professional engineer.
Zehraan doing 100% on its project, and provide renovation work too at the same time to any existing structure and even if any customer wants on the spot set to be design for their immediate use for e.g. shooting, filming, or any other purpose then we will be at our best for it.

Zehraan can help an individual who wants the work to get done even if he/she could not pay full amount. Client can part amount and remaining amount in installment as per the given period of time. For more clarification please the Attachment proof into Invest in Zehraan....(Javaaz - ( Gujarati ))

We have been into this division since long in the market, and executed high scale work with proficiency. The projects completed of interior and architect of residential, township, commercial including Hotels, like Patang hotel’s interior work had been done at initial level, other complex those are built at high volume at Ashram road of Ahmedabad and many more.
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